Feel good about YOU workshop

Do you feel frustrated by your clothes every morning as you dress, and wish you had a better sense of “style?” Or perhaps you’ve gained weight, and finding clothes that flatter your new body seems like a pipe dream … or you have lots of clothes but feel clueless as to how to make them all work together and actually create outfits.
Not to mention that you are tired of throwing good money after bad on things you never wear!
If any of this describes you (and believe me, you are not alone), it’s Your Time! It’s time for you to re-create your image to reflect how extraordinary YOU are!
Before we go any further, I’d like to ask you an important question:
Are you ready to dress differently… in a way that will free you from holding back, empower you to move forward, and have you feeling radiant and pulled-together, no matter how old you are, what you weigh, or what the current fashion trends are?

Maybe you’re ready to dress differently because…
• After years of taking care of everyone and everything you’ve lost touch with who you are, and you’re dressing in a way that feels and looks drab and unsatisfying.
• You’ve made a career change but are still dressing for the “old” job – so when you get dressed in the morning it feels like you haven’t fully moved on.
• You’ve gained weight or your body has shifted, and dressing now feels so frustrating and overwhelming that you’ve lost hope of finding things that flatter your new body.
• At least once in the last 90 days you attended an event, party or gathering feeling self-conscious about what you were wearing, and you’d love to not feel that way anymore.
• Even though you have a closet filled with clothes, you wear the same three outfits all the time. You’re tired of it, and dream of having many outfits that you love to wear.

Booking Deposit: € 20